Language Arts

How To Teach WritingAmazing site for middle and high school writing. ~C. Westover
How to Teach a Novel 6th grade teacher blogs about his experiences teaching a novel. ~C. Westover

Teaching with Picture Books Answers to why teach using picture books, how to teach with picture books, and what books to choose/how to find books. ~C.Westover

The Write Site - Developing writing skills through journalism techniques, devloping a writing style, use of technology in writing.

The Writing Process - provides writers with suggestions for editing and revising their work. ~ C. Westover

Tween Teacher Links directly to an article on blogging with middle school stufdents. Includes a link to the short video about what a blog is and why it is important Blogs in Plain English

DRA2 Tutorials and Resources Online tutorials and webinars for understanding, administering and using the Developmental Reading Assessment grades K-8. ~C. Westover
Read_Print.png - Read Print - Free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. -Absolutely FREE online books - Thousands of novels, poems, stories - Easy to read books online

Save_the_words.pngSave the Words - an interesting project promoting the use of obscure and "endangered" words. Save the Words is a huge collage of words that have been removed from the Oxford Dictionary because a lack of use. Each one of these words is "up for adoption" and looking for someone to adopt it. ~ C. Westover
An example of the resources found at the Candler website: (K.Wegley)

Fluency Graphing (Grades 5 and up) - Print out the [[@redir.aspx?C=e451894c8e9e46b9826081be877d54cd&URL=|Fluency Station Directions]], the [[@redir.aspx?C=e451894c8e9e46b9826081be877d54cd&URL=|Fluency Line Graph]], and the [[@redir.aspx?C=e451894c8e9e46b9826081be877d54cd&URL=|Oral Fluency Chart]]. Introduce the activity in a small group, teacher-guided session. After that, place a copy of the directions in a center. It's helpful if you can find leveled text selections that already have word counts listed in the margins. Other than that, the kids will have to count the words themselves.

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- A number of grade level specific online word games.

Modified QAR (Question-Answer Relationship)~C.Westover,WEC
Worthington eLit eboard (password is literacy)~C.Westover, WEC --a site full of interactive prompts (right & left-brained, RAFT), lessons, and resources for writing classrooms; be sure to check out the "writing across the curriculum" tab - Kelly Wegley (Worthingway & TWHS)

Research Project Calculator --InfOhio resource that breaks long-term projects down by time and task; provides email reminders and links to other resources - Kelly Wegley (Worthingway & TWHS)

Voice Thread
talk about and share images, documents, and videos - Kelly Wegley (Worthingway & TWHS)

**School Fusion**--A link to a site that allows you to set up a complete on-line classroom, complete with calendar, blogs, wikis, etc.

April is POETRY MONTH - A resource for poetry and poets. -C. Westover
April 29, 2010 Poem in your Pocket Day -C. Westover
30 Poets, 30 Days Blog -C. Westover

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