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What is the Normal Force - Mimio Notebook File - Click to View

STEM Equations Click to View

STEM - Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics:

Create Your Own Video Game - LEVEL UP! features a series of standards-based lessons that provide students with the knowledge and tools to design their own video games—right from the comfort of your classroom

Engineering Interact - Interactive Science and engineering for students 9 to 11 years old from the University of Cambridge Engineering Department.

The Future is Engineering - Through streaming video and audio, engineers from a variety of fields - mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and others - will tell you their stories and answer frequently asked questions. - Brian Geniusz

Engineer Your Life - A guide to engineering careers for high school girls! Imagine what life would be like without pollution controls to preserve the environment, life-saving medical equipment, or low-cost building materials for fighting global poverty. All this takes engineering. In very real and concrete ways, women who become engineers save lives, prevent disease, reduce poverty, and protect our planet. Dream Big. Love what you do. Become an engineer. - Brian Geniusz

Ohio STEM Learning Network - The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) is an unprecedented collaborative aimed at building and connecting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teaching and learning capacity in regions across the State of Ohio. At its core, the OSLN is focused on student and teacher success, built from a slate of committed partners from Pre-K-12 education, higher education and business and industry. - Brian Geniusz

Ohio STEM Conference - 3/2/10 - Videos from the Ohio STEm conference held on March 2nd, 2010. This conference featured statewide and national expperts on STEM education and State and National education policy makers including representatives from the National Governors Assoc. (NGA) who have created the Common Core ( a common standards approach for Math and English Language Arts). The Common Core does come with its' advisary Common