Somegreat Science links for various ages

Atlas of the Biosphere - In this section of the website you will find maps of environmental variables. Feel free to download anything and everything. If you use anything from the Atlas in a publication, please credit the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Carlos Labs - Ground Zero shows the size of an area that would be affected by the impact of an asteroid or the detonation of an atomic bomb. Type a city name into the Ground Zero widget to see a representation of the size of the area affected by an atomic bomb or asteroid impact.

Eco Kids - This will link to the Eco Kids - Games - section. EcoKids is a free, environmental education program that offers curriculum-linked materials and activities for Canadian elementary schools to engage in environmental action.

A cool Rube Goldberg video set to music.

Science - Unique science web applications and technologies.external image DNA_orbit_animated.gif

Science of Music

What is music? Is birdsong music? How about the tap-tap-tap of a hammer, or the wail of a creaking door? Is playing a garbage can different than playing a drum? Explore the science of music with us, through these online exhibits, movies, and questions. Along the way, you can compose, mix, dance, drum, experiment, and above all…listen.

Science Games

- 10 great sources for educational science games

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This is an activity developed by Julaine Bierl (Evening St. Elementary) for a genetics unit. This is a clever use of Avatar web software that appears to be quite engaging for students.

Interactive Science Simulations

Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado. BG

Dynamic Periodic Table of Elements

Totally interactive PTOE. If your students use a PTOE then you have to use this website. BG

Movies of Cells

Cellular biology movies that you can view directly from your web browser. BG

Learning Science is a FREE tool and they are an organization dedicated to sharing the newer and emerging "learning tools" of science education. Tools such as real-time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, micro-worlds, and imaging, among others, can help make teaching science an exciting and engaging endeavor. BG

Forge FX

ForgeFX is pleased to present this showcase of immersive learning software created for Pearson Prentice Hall's digital science curriculum's. ForgeFX has developed over 100 simulation based learning software applications for Pearson Education, helping to create products that allow students to become active participants in the learning process rather than passive audience members. BG


An interactive site that allows students grades 6-12 to design a cell phone and market it, perform hip replacement surgery, investigate a crime scene, etc. It's fun and interesting; some pictures are graphic. BG

Darwin's Pond

Darwin Pond is an imaginary gene pool, a primordial puddle of genetic surprises. More technically, Darwin Pond is an Artificial Life Simulation: a virtual world exhibiting the emergence of life-like behaviors. But it's more than just a fun and informative thing to watch, you can participate in this artificial life simulation by building scenarios and setting up experiments.external image pasco_spark.jpg BG

Pasco SparkVue Emulator

The SPARK Science Learning System Emulator is a 1:1 recreation of the SPARK Science Learning System’s screen with all of SPARK’s functionality. It doesn’t pull screens from the SPARK over the USB but rather allows the emulator software on the computer to do the processing while using the SPARK Science Learning System as an interface. BG

Pasco GLX Emulator

The original version of the data logger from Pasco. This emulator/simulator will run the GLX directly from your desktop and external image Rev_PASCO_handtitration.jpgallow you to control the probes and GLX fully from the computer to which it is connected. Works great with interactive boards like a Mimio or Smart Board. BG

NSTA Learning Center

The Learning Center is NSTA's (National Science Teachers Association) e-professional development portal to help you address your classroom needs and busy schedule. You can gain access to more than 4,500 different resources that cater to your preference for learning. Over 1,200 resources, such as journal articles, science objects and web seminars are available for free. BG

Science Buddies

Hands-on scientific investigations are acknowledged to be the best way to teach science literacy. Science Buddies supports these activities by providing free science fair project ideas, answers, and tools to teachers, parents, and students from all walks of life. Our objective is to save our users' time while guiding them to a successful outcome. By reducing the hassles of doing a science fair project, Science Buddies aspires to improve project quality and increase science fair participation, turning a good learning experience into a great one. BG


Location for many interactives for biology and the life sciences: Interactive games, labs, dissections, concept maps, animations and assessments.

BESS 10 Wiki

The online collaboration Wiki for the Worthington BESS teachers at Linworth, Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne High Schools. Teachers share documents, activities, websites and more. BG

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