We invite you to use this space to collaborate with others in the Worthington school district. Our goal is to learn from and teach each other to use our current technology to its maximum potential.

Please share lesson plans, videos, and other ideas with those of us wanting to better utilize technology in the classroom.

Some of the links we have found for educational uses.

When adding ideas for others to use, include who added the idea and school so that if others have questions, those that made the post can be contacted.

In the left margin you will find links to pages where you can contribute ideas and lesson plans.

Please feel free to add pages, comments, etc as you see fit.
Also, please email me with names of others who would like to be members of this wiki.

Have a great day!

Check out this link to a short video that demonstrates some of the importance of what we are trying to do:

Below is a Wordle of this page-We have had some issues with Wordle here is an explanation:
I believe the issue is at the wordle site. We have been notified by several schools of the same issue. We have found wordle will work fine on machines from which we test early in the AM, before 8:30 or so. By mid morning wordle will no longer work from the same machine, or at best works on occasions. Testing again after school hours gets the same results, wordle not working. So the fact that it does work, would indicate we have everything setup correctly. Further I believe the fact it seems to work consistently early in the AM but not the remainder of the day, indicates the wordle site is under heavy demand about the time the east coast starts school and continues until the west coast schools go home.
Wordle: WorthingtonTechnology